School Profile

The Moto of the College

අඤඤමඤෙඤසු දයාපරොභව

අන්‍යයන් කෙරෙහි කරුණාව දක්වන්න

By Love Serve Once Anohter

The Vision of the College

Producing the Children with High Caliber and inteligence, who can face the challenges of the future world aptly.

The Mission of the College

Producing the children who can bear up sound attitudes; perfect with skills and talent and able to apply the knoledge explored themselves in a sublets manner.

Future Goals

Conducting a carnival to celebrate the bicentenery of the school.

Competing the remaining work of the school ground.

Making an entrance way to the ground so that students can easily access.

Completing the work of 3 storey administration unit as soon as possible.

Improving the pass percentage of grade 5 scholarship examination.

Promoting the subject related activities fruitfully.

Development of good attitudes among all the communities through religious activities .

College Anthem