Old Boys' Association of Christ Church Boys' College

Old Boys' Association of G/ Christ Church Boys' College which has a proud history of 200 years was founded in the decade of 1960. The principal during that period Mr.Kariyawasam Steven Hapugoda prioritized in that process. Therefore it can be assumed that the Old Boys' Association was founded in 1961. It is worthwhile to mention a statement declared by Mr. Steven Hapugoda; Apart from one's religious place, the second place that should be considered reverently is the school that he or she learns " This statement shows his trustworthiness towards the school he learned.

At the time the late principal Mr. Hapugoda was elected as the first president of the old Boys' Association. He had been serving as the president since 1961 for 8 years. At the time Mr.L.K.S.Gunasiri and Peter Gunawardhana had been working as the secretaries. The first treasurer was Mr.K.H.Sugathapala De Silva. At the time office bearers were elected without any competitive vote. Therefore there was no any change of the members of the founder office bearers till 1968.

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